rock climb - high-angle self-rescue 3 - May 17, 2022

This is the third part of the annual high-angle self-rescue workshops. Each of the 4 parts covers a different aspect of self rescue by a team on steep terrain, using only the gear they should be carrying. These techniques are useful for rock and ice climbing, crevasse rescue, canyoneering, and boating. Part 3 covers anchors and raising systems. Each workshop will consist of a brief introduction to self rescue, the topic of the day, a demonstration for the group, and then the group will break up into small teams to practice the skills. Helmets required, but rock climbing shoes are not recommended. Bring all typically-carried rescue gear, in addition to a harness and standard climbing gear. The workshop will take place regardless of weather, so dress appropriately for the day.

Organizer:Paul Gettings
Date:Tue May 17 2022
Meeting Place:Beach Ball climbing wall. Park as for Ledgemere, and then head up canyon past the picnic grounds. We will be on top of the cliff, so head up the walk-off on the way to the climbs.
Meeting Time:5:30 pm