blood lake riparian and trail restoration - October 21, 2022

Utah has seen a 300% increase in use of trails and open spaces. With an increase in human foot traffic comes an increase in human impact on the landscape. One of the areas that has seen a tremendous amount of foot traffic is the Bonanza Flat Conservation Area near Park City, known for its luscious wildflower fields and scenic alpine lakes. Because of this extra use, the riparian areas around Bloods Lake and Lake Lackawaxen have seen incredible amounts of erosion and degradation which threatens habitat for several species in the area. Utah Open Lands, Park City Municipal and Mountain Trails Foundation will be hosting a habitat restoration day at Bloods Lake to help ensure sensitive wildlife areas stay intact and continue to prosper. Volunteers will be involved in planting native plant plugs and placing erosion control near the Bloods Lake riparian area. Volunteers would be expected to be able to walk 3 miles, and lift anywhere from 5-20lbs and are recommended to bring ample water, wear sturdy shoes, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves, a long sleeved shirt, long pants, and a jacket depending on the weather forecast. Contact Alli at Utah Open Lands who will be coordinating the volunteer shifts.

Organizer:Alli Eroh, Utah Open Lands
Date:Fri Oct 21 2022
Meeting Place:Registration required