alpine climbing for mountaineering training - April 30, 2023

We will do alpine climbing and learn, for example but not limited to, the use of ice axe and crampons, self-belay, climbing on steep snow, self-arrest with ice axe, rock/snow protection and anchors. The training location will be selected when it gets closer. But it will be somewhere in the Wasatch, most likely BCC or LCC. Bring a helmet, ice axe, crampons, belay device, locking and unlocking carabiners, and mountaineering boots that are compatible with your crampons. In addition, bring the following gear if you have: slings, cordalette, pickets, prussiks, micro/nano traxion, and tibloc. We may need additional gear (e.g. snowshoes/skis, avy gear). Participants must have basic knowledge and skills of mountaineering (e.g. how to use crampons and ice axe). Registration is required. We will have an instructor from School for International Expedition Training (nonprofit organization). $133.33 per person. No tax. WMC members only. Limit 6. Registrants will receive more detailed info.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Sun Apr 30 2023
Meeting Place:Registration required