mountaineering - alpine ice workshop (feb 5 or feb 12) - February 5, 2023

This workshop will be for those who want to learn how to break into intermediate level mountaineering on big mountains (e.g. Mt Rainier DC/Emmons/Ingraham Direct/Kautz - grade II with heavily glaciated terrains & high altitude, Mt Baker North Ridge - grade III). Specifically, this workshop will focus on skills and techniques for alpine ice (an alpine ice route in the rugged glaciated terrain). Details about the workshop context will be posted later. We will have an instructor from the U's Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism. Previous ice climbing and/or snow mountaineering experience required. Required gear: climbing helmet, ice axe (ideally, 2 ice tools), harness, carabiners, 10-point or 12-point steel crampons, belay device, mountaineering boots compatible with your crampons. There will also be optional gear (e.g. ice screws, pickets, runners) and (maybe - depending on the workshop location and conditions) additional gear (e.g. snowshoes/skis, poles with snow baskets, avalanche safety gear). Some participants may have extra gear that can be shared with other participants. There are also local rental shops if you need to rent some gear. Instruction donation - $25-30/person. Limit 15 participants. Approximately 8 am-2 pm. Location TBA. Registration is required. When you register, please include the information about your experience in ice climbing (e.g. WI level) and snow mountaineering (e.g. peaks and routes that you have made), what gear you have (please be specific as much as possible), and what big mountains that you want to climb in the next several years. WMC members only. Registrants will receive more detailed info. Note (9/26): The schedule is tentative, most likely Feb 5 or Feb 12. Subject to change depending on conditions and the instructor's schedule.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Sun Feb 5 2023
Meeting Place:Registration required