mountaineering, cordillera central and blanca of peru - March 31, 2023

2 or 3 mountaineers are welcome to join me in another exciting mountaineering and climbing trip to the highest mountains in the tropical zone of the world. I will be attempting my 22nd and 23rd climb of a 5000+ meter peaks in the seldom visited Cordillera Central in preparation of attempting my 8th 6000+ meter peak in the Cordillera Blanca. There will be an IMGA certified guide participating (a personal friend) and arranging transport, lodging and food. Total cost while in Peru would be approximately 3000USD. Fifty percent of costs will be due the end of March 2023 the remainder due upon arrival in Peru. I leave SLC, UT on July 22 arriving in Lima July 23. Return to Utah August 24, 2023. Let me know ASAP if interested

Organizer:Frank Nederhand
Date:Fri Mar 31 2023 — Sat Apr 1 2023
Meeting Place:Lima, Peru July 23, 2023
Meeting Time:3:00 pm