multi-pitch climbing training for mountaineering - May 13, 2023

We will have training for multi-pitch climbing, particularly for alpine climbing. The skills that we will learn are useful if you want to do alpine multi-pitch climbing on snow and/rock in the future (e.g. Mt Baker North Ridge). The training location will be selected when it gets closer. But it will be somewhere in the Wasatch, most likely BCC or LCC. Bring a helmet, harness, belay device, locking and unlocking carabiners, chalk, tether, double sling, and rock climbing/approach shoes. Participants must have some experience in rock or ice climbing or mountaineering. Lots of skills will be covered - for example (but not limited to) multi-directional anchors, station management/efficient transitions, traverses, rescuing a leader, advanced rappel techniques. Registration is required. We will have instructors from School for International Expedition Training (nonprofit organization). The instructors are IFMGA-certified. $133.33 per person. No tax. WMC members only. Limit 6/ instructor. Registrants will receive more detailed info.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Sat May 13 2023
Meeting Place:Registration required