mountaineering training - mt ogden or somewhere - May 20, 2023

We plan to do a day climb to Mt Ogden or somewhere for mountaineering training. The specific location will be selected when it gets closer to the date, depending on conditions. This activity will focus on training for upcoming mountaineering trips (e.g. Hood, Baker). Participants must have excellent stamina and skills to travel on the steep slope with crampons, and know how to self-arrest using an ice axe and to use avalanche safety gear. Participants must bring a climbing helmet, crampons, mountaineering boots compatible with your crampons, ice axe, harness, belay device, carabiners, and other climbing gear. Depending on conditions, we may need snowshoes, poles with a snow basket, and avalanche safety gear (beacon, probe & shovel). Registrants will receive a complete gear list. There may be additional required gear depending on conditions. For more details, please contact the organizer. Limit 8. WMC members only. Priority will be given to those who will participate in the Hood and/or Baker trip.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Sat May 20 2023
Meeting Place:Registration required