multi-pitch climbing training for mountaineering (part 2) - October 15, 2023

We will have training for multi-pitch climbing, particularly for alpine climbing. The skills that we will learn are useful if you want to do alpine multi-pitch climbing on snow and/rock in the future. The training location will be selected when it gets closer. But it will be somewhere in the Wasatch, most likely BCC or LCC. Bring a helmet, harness, belay device, locking and unlocking carabiners, chalk, tether, double sling, and rock climbing/approach shoes. Participants must have some experience in rock or ice climbing or mountaineering. There will be 2-3 groups - participants will be divided into groups based on rock climbing training records/experience. Lots of skills will be covered - for example (but not limited to) traverses - protecting the follower, advanced tips and tricks, rescuing the follower, rescuing a leader, advanced rappel techniques. Other topics will be added depending on participants' experiences and interest. Prerequisite - 5/13/2023 Multi-pitch climbing training or equivalent training/experience. Registration is required. If you did not attend the 5/13/2023 training, please indicate your rock climbing training/experience including types of climbing and route ratings. We will have instructors from School for International Expedition Training (nonprofit organization). The instructors are IFMGA-certified. $133.33 per person. No tax. WMC members only. Limit 6/ instructor. Registrants will receive more detailed info.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Sun Oct 15 2023
Meeting Place:Registration required