hike & car camp - borah peak, id - September 8, 2023

We plan to hike to Borah Peak (12,662 ft), which is the highest mountain in Idaho, weather, conditions and situation permitting. We will take the most popular route, the Chicken-Out Ridge route. All participants must have experience in class 3 scrambling (e.g. Sundial, Devil's Castle). Participants must be able to do class 3 scrambling without significant assistance from other hikers at moderate pace (not slow pace). Depending on pace and conditions, the hike may take 8-12 hours. That said, participants must have excellent stamina. Please bring 10 Es. Helmets required. Without snow, the route does not require climbing gear. Exploratory. 4.5 hour drive from SLC to the TH. We plan to camp out Friday and Saturday nights. But some participants may want to camp one of the nights, or do a day trip. Registration is required. Participants not known to the organizer will need to provide evidence of having relevant experience. Please email before Thursday, 6 pm, September 7, for the meeting place and time. Registration priority will be given to WMC members. Registrants will receive more detailed info. Limit 8.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Fri Sep 8 2023 — Sun Sep 10 2023
Meeting Place:Registration required

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