indoor ropework training: multi-pitch rappelling basics (reschedule) - February 21, 2024

Number Four in the Indoor Ropework Training series. This seminar will cover the basics of rappelling in a multi-pitch environment. I will cover the basic setup and rappel sequence for double line and single line rappels to get off a climb using the extended device and backup hitch method. You should have some experience using an ATC to belay to do this seminar. You need to bring a harness, an ATC or equivalent belay/rappel device, 2-4 locking carabiners, 1-2 regular carabiners, a prussik cord (or hollowblock or equivalent), and a long sling/PAS/Petzl Connect or similar for extension and tethering. Duration will be around 90 minutes. Donation to the WMC Rope Fund requested. Subsequent seminars will include top managed belays, rappel set ups (beginning and advanced), and hauling and lowering.

Organizer:Mark Maier
Date:Wed Feb 21 2024
Meeting Place:Registration required