ice climbing training for mountaineering (group2) - February 24, 2024

CANCELLED DUE TO WARM TEMPRETURE AND LACK OF ICE. NEW DATE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS POINT (FEB 20). RESCHEDULED FROM JAN 13 DUE TO HIGH AVY RISKS We will have IFMGA certified instructors from the School for International Expedition Training (nonprofit organization) to practice ice climbing skills for mountaineering. This training would be beneficial for those who are interested in mountaineering that involves an ice climbing section, and/or high-altitude mountaineering. This is also a great refresher for experienced ice climbers and mountaineers. The training location will be selected when it gets closer. Registration is required. $150 per person for a group of 5 climbers. No tax. WMC members only. Limit 5 per group (Depending on the availability of instructors, we may be able to have one to three groups). Registrants will receive more detailed info including gear list. Note: RESCHEDULED FROM JAN 13 DUE TO HIGH AVY RISKS. Because of the availability of the instructors, there will be two separate dates. Jan 27 is for Group 1 that focuses on ice climbing skills for high altitude mountaineering in Bolivia and other places. Feb 24 is for Group 2 which is for ice climbing training for general mountaineering (not necessarily high altitude).

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Sat Feb 24 2024
Meeting Place:Registration required