mountaineering - sajama & more, bolivia - May 22, 2025

We plan to climb five 6,000m peaks in Bolivia including the highest peak in the country - Sajama (21,463 ft). Other 6,000m peaks that we will attempt are Uturuncu (19,751 ft), Acotango (19,856 ft), Parinacota (20,807 ft), and Pomerape (20,610 ft). In addition, we will do a Uyuni (the world's largest salt flat) tour for acclimatization. Uturuncu and Acotango can be done as a hike. Participants must 1) have excellent physical condition with previous mountaineering experience (rope travel, glacier travel, snow/ice anchors, the use of crampons, crevasse rescue, and ice axe arrest); 2) have no history of altitude sickness at 14k peaks; 3) be willing to buy/rent required individual gear if necessary; and 4) can climb comfortably 60 degree ice slopes, 45 degree snow ice slopes, and 55 degree mixed ice and rock slopes. Backpacking experience is strongly recommended since climbing Sajama involves multi-days. Mountaineering training sessions will be offered in winter-spring to prepare for this high altitude expedition, in collaboration with the School for International Expedition Training (nonprofit organization) and the U of U's Department of Park, Recreation and Tourism. Due to the complexity of the trip logistics and demanding alpine climbing, we will use a local company's package that has a fixed fee. The estimated cost for the local company is approximately $3,675 including ground local transportation, meals, certified guides (ratio depending on a mountain), lodging/camps in the mountains and towns, camping gear, full base camp infrastructure and services, donkeys/porters, and hotels in La Paz. The additional cost will be for international flights, compulsory travel insurance, personal expenses, personal equipment, and gratitude. Each participant will pay directly to the company. If interested, please contact the organizer with a description of your fitness level and your climbing resume and to receive more detailed information. WMC members only.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Thu May 22 2025 — Sun Jun 8 2025
Meeting Place:Registration required