Pa Parry Award

Clarence (Pa) Parry was one of the early members of the Wasatch Mountain Club and a jeweler by trade. In 1954 Pa initiated an award to be given to a member who had given exceptional service to the Club. In some years, no award was given, while in others more than one was given.

1954Janet Roberts (activity)
Jim Shane
Harold Goodro (mountaineering)
1955Janet Christensen (activity)
1956O'Dell Petersen (activity)
Lee Steorts (mountaineering)
1957Don Pearson
1958Austin Wahrhaftig (service)
Caine Alder (special effort)
1959Robert Goodwin
1960Art Hicks
1961Harold Goodro
1962Clair Sundwall (Davis) (service)
Harold Goodro
Ron Perla (mountaineering)
1963Carl Bauer
1964Pete and Pinky Petersen
1966Jack McLellan
1967David Cook
1968George Smith
1969Bud and Fern Reid
1971Carl Bauer
1972Dale Green
1973Fred Bruenger (service)
Alexis Kelner (service)
1974Betty Bottcher
1975George and Georgia Randall
1977John Gottman
1978Larry Hoskins
1979Larry Swanson
1980Bob Myers
1981Dennis Caldwell
1982Pa (Clarence) Parry
1983Elmer Boyd
1984Milt Hollander
1985Trudy Healy
1986Norm Fish
1987Dave Hanscom
1988O'Dell and Edith Petersen
1989Mike Budig
1990Gale Dick
1991Charles Leslie
1992Mel Davis
1993Milt Hollander
1994Vince Desimone
1995Dale Green
1996John Veranth
1997Rich Osborne
1998Karin Caldwell
1999Alexis Kelner
2000Leslie Woods
2001Linda Kosky
2002Phyllis Anderson
2003Randy Long
2004Mike Treshow
2005Zig Sondelski
2006Cheryl Soshnik
2007Julie Stoney Mason
2008Bob Wright
2009Heidi Schubert
2010Clare Davis
2011Rick Thompson
2012Norm Pobanz
2013Knick Knickerbocker
2014Mark Bloomenthal
2015Marilyn Smith
2016Charles Keller
2017Brad Yates
2018Brett Smith
2019Robert Turner
2020Mark Jones
Phyllis Anderson
2021Kyle Williams
2022Walt Haas