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Tuesday, October 22nd  
Liz Cordova WMC Loop Hike
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Lake Mary above Brighton

Lake Mary above Brighton view 2

Catherine Pass in background

July 3rd and still a lot of snow on way to Catherine Pass

Kerry Quinn heading toward Catherine Pass

Mt. Tuscarora

Climbing up to Catherine Pass

Climbing up Mt. Tuscarora on our way to Wolverine Peak

June on her way upTuscarora

Working our way down from Wolverine

Liz Cordova WMC Loop Hike
Liz organized this WMC July 3, 2010 loop hike that included 15 hikers. From Brighton that took us past Lake Mary on our way to Catherine Pass. From there we continued on to top of Mt. Tuscarora on our way to Mt. Wolverine where we had lunch. After a nice lunch stop we headed down the west side of Wolverine and around Wolverine Cirque to Twin Lakes Pass. After regrouping here we hiked past Honeycomb cliffs past Evergreen Peak and Silver Lake back to our cars. Great weather, good group of fellow hikers made for another wonderful adventure in the Wasatch.