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Tuesday, October 22nd  
Intro to Climbing - 101 Clinic
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Saturday, June 3rd Participants

Frank on Golden Years

Ying Lee on Lower Dentures

Wilmer on Lower Dentures

Tiffany on Golden Years

Marcia on Sweet Louise

Bob on Whipper Snapper

Roxana on Whipper Snapper

Andrew climber at Geezer Wall

Julia on Golden Years

Eric on Sweet Louise

Natasha on Whipper Snapper

Alan climbing at Geezer Wall

Naval on Sweet Louise

Roxana on Lower Dentures

Deb on Lower Dentures

The Alcox Family

Intro to Climbing - 101 Clinic
Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th at Geezer Wall in Big Cottonwood Canyon.