Trip Report: Leisurely Hike to Hugh's Canyon

Leisurely Hike to Hugh's Canyon
By Gretchen Siegler
HIKE 01/15/2022 NTD+

Thirteen hikers joined our organizer Bruce Christenson on a chilly, sunny morning at the Mount Olympus Trailhead. We set off on what was for some of us a new trail, and clean thanks to the members of the WMC who have dedicated themselves to its maintenance. Bruce brought up the back, along with Phyllis the other octogenarian, and a few of us who enjoy a leisurely pace. This helped disperse everyone into the two smaller groups sizes necessary for hiking in a designated wilderness area.

After a steep beginning, we turned south onto the Bonneville Shoreline Trail heading toward Hugh’s Canyon. This section of the BST is rocky with drop-offs overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. The view was gorgeous even though the inversion was apparent in the valley’s bowl. The trail was mostly frozen dirt with only a few icy patches.

Hugh’s Canyon was shaded and snowy. The faster paced group considerately waited for the group behind them. We all spiked up for our trip up to the waterfall where we congregated on the rocks for a long, talkative lunch. On the way back to the trailhead, the sun had melted the ice and felt lovely enough to strip down to our base layer on this mid-winter day. Participants included: Gretchen Siegler, Phyllis Anderson, Nona Vernon, Susan Allen, Bob Myers, Terri Ruesch, Russel Patterson, Bret Mathews, Yi Qu, Teri Jenkins, Steve Duncan, Hong Duong, Melissa Stimpfle and of course, Bruce Christenson. Thanks Bruce for bringing us together