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Sue's Winter Solstice Hike 2018

On the Friday Winter Solstice, our crew of 9 ventured up the trail under the full moon armed with layers and micro spikes. The Church Fork Trail bustled with other hikers and trail runners headed to Grandeur Peak; some of them polite enough to yield right of way. If it wasn’t so dark, you could have mistaken it for a busy weekend day. Near the peak we rounded a corner into icy biting winds, but the summit view was worth the chill. City lights glowed in the valley below. The organizer treated the bunch to chocolates at the summit. We posed for a quick cheering photo and headed down out of the icy wind. Near the bottom of trail, we raced to the end through a quickening storm.
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Grandeur Peak Winter Solstice Hike 12-21-18
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