Spam texts from 510-255-6307

The phone number 510-255-6307 is sending SPAM text messages asking people to buy gift cards.
Here's how to report text spammers to your carrier:
  1. Copy the spam text by touching it for 3 seconds and selecting Copy.
  2. Start a new text to 7726 (SPAM).
  3. Paste the copied text by double tapping the screen and then selecting Paste.
  4. Send the text.
  5. They should respond with a message asking you to send the phone number of the text spammer.
  6. Type in the number of the text spammer and send it.

Join the Wasatch Mountain Club

Become a member of the Wasatch Mountain Club ("WMC") as we enter our second century as active participants in backcountry skiing, backpacking, camping, canoeing, conservation pursuits, canyoneering, climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, mountain biking, river rafting, road biking, socializing, snowshoeing, and multi-day adventures. Attend an activity or two prior to joining the club and be part of a history that has come to define what makes living and playing in Utah so unique.


Wasatch Mountain Club - 100 Years and Counting

On May 13, 2020, the WMC officially turned 100. In honor of the club's 100-year history, consider participating in the following events:

 The Wasatch Mountain Club was formed in May 1920, on the heels of the most severe pandemic of the last century, followed by the Great Depression, World War II, the smallpox epidemic, polio, and more wars. Not only has the club survived, it has thrived. The Centennial is an opportunity for us to reflect on and honor this great organization, its founders, and 100 years of leadership and membership commitment to our core purpose:


COVID Guidelines Update

Participants should stay informed on current COVID guidelines.  Those who are not feeling well, have shortness of breath, or have a fever should not participate in WMC activities.   During a club activity the use of facemasks or carpooling is up to each individual, unless otherwise specified by the organizer.  Organizers can opt for a group size they are comfortable with, except for the group size limit of 10 in wilderness areas.