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Mark Maier
Mark Maier
Climbing Director
Shane Wallace
Shane Wallace
Canyoneering Coordinator

The Wasatch Mountains are a wonderful playground for climbers. We have some great ice climbing in the winter, snow climbs on local peaks in the spring and early summer and lots of rock climbing. The club hosts a weekly rock climb at local crags on Thursdays. We do a number of out of town trips each year to destinations such as the City of Rocks in Idaho, the Tetons, Indian Creek in Southern Utah, and the San Rafael Swell area. Climbs are listed in the Rambler and on this web site. We also have a climber's email list that you can join to get additional climbing information.

The main activity for the climbers is the Thursday evening climbs. These climbs are held at various places in the Wasatch to give the climbers a variety of rock, difficulty and scenery. Climbers of all ability levels are welcome, from novices to hard core. If you are a novice don't feel intimidated! We are an easy going, fun group and we will help you develop the skills necessary to enjoy climbing in this fantastic area.

Workshops are occasionally offered at low or no cost and have included in the past: Learn to climb, Learn to lead climb, Rappelling for canyoneering, Knots for climbers and canyoneers, Self-rescue for climbers and canyoneers, Snow climbing and self-arrest and Glacier travel and crevasse rescue.

Excellent videos by the American Alpine Club on Belaying:

Excellent videos by REI on Top Rope Anchors and Rappelling:

A Climbing Communication document created from an American Alpine Club posting.

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Upcoming activities:

 2022-10-07 Early Morning Rock Climb: Momentum Millcreek NTD
 2022-10-09 Rock Climb - Multipitch Mischief - Mt NTD-
 2022-10-11 Rock Climb At Challenge Buttress NTD-
 2022-10-12 Mountaineering - Alpine Rock Class
 2022-10-13 Rock Climb - Red Rock Draper - Str NTD-
 2022-11-11 Early Morning Rock Climb: Momentum Millcreek NTD
 2022-12-15 Introduction To Ice Climb NTD
 2023-02-05 Mountaineering - Alpine Ice Workshop (feb 5 Or Feb 12)
4 days2023-03-04 Mountaineering - Mt St Helens, Wa MSD
7 days2023-05-29 Mountaineering - Mt Hood & South Sister/adams, Wa/ore EXT
6 days2023-07-04 Mountaineering Workshop @ Mt Baker, Wa (tentative Schedule) EXT