WMC Rafting Rental Rates

Private Trips (trips NOT listed in The Rambler)

Paddle Boat with paddles $65/day
Oar Rig without Kitchen (2) $70/day
Oar Rig with a Kitchen (2) (3) $85/day
Inflatable Kayak (duckie) - single $22/day
Inflatable Kayak (duckie) - double $32/day
Canoe $22/day
Life Jacket (PFD) $  3/day

WMC Trips (trips listed in The Rambler)

Per Day Rates
Paddle Boat with paddles $55/day
Oar Rig without kitchen (2) (3) $60/day
Oar Rig with a kitchen (2) (3) $70/day
Inflatable Kayak-single $15/day
Inflatable Kayak-double $25/day
Canoe $15/day
Life Jacket (PFD) $  3/person/day
Per Person Per Day Rates
Each person in a WMC boat $15/person/day
Life Jacket (PFD) $  3/person/day
Kitchen (3) $  2/person/day
Non-WMC Member Surcharge
Non-WMC member on a WMC trip $20
Other Equipment
Katadyn Expedition Water Filter $  6/day
(1) Inflatable boats include electric air pump, top off pump, bow line, throw bag, & repair kit.
(2) Oar rigs come with frame, 3 oars, two dry boxes, Yeti cooler, straps, & cargo net.
(3) Kitchen includes a blaster, coffee pot, cooking utensils, cutting boards, dish drying rack, dish wash buckets & supplies, dutch ovens (aluminum), first aid kit, fire pan & blanket, griddles (aluminum), hand wash buckets, Jon-ny Partner PU, Partner 4-burner stove with legs, cooking pots & pans, mixing bowls, propane tank, rain fly, river table & roll-a-table, spices, trash bags, water jugs, mesh strainer.

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The WMC Boating Equipment Co-Coordinators are Bret Mathews (801-831-5940) and Donnie Benson (801-466-5141).

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