Additional Boating Links

River info:

Whitewater Campsites

Whitewater Guidebook

Southwest Paddler


Jordan River Commission (maps)

Lower Salmon River Map

Stream Flows:

National Real Time Streamflows (USGS)

Utah Real Time Streamflows (USGS)

Idaho Real Time Streamlows (USGS)


Redtail Air Adventures - Deso, Green, Cat

Oregon Whitewater Association's shuttle list

River Runners Shuttle Service - Grand Canyon and Diamond Down

River Runners Transport - Vernal

River Shuttles - most Idaho rivers

Road Runner Shuttle (Moab) - Cat, GreenRiver, Colorado Daily

Learning to Canoe:

Basic Tandem Canoe Maneuvers

How to Canoe - Learn Your Canoe Strokes

Tandem Canoe Basics

Tandem Canoe Backferry Strokes

Clubs, Groups and Organizations:

American Rivers - Restore. Protect. Enjoy.

American Whitewater Association - national web site


Colorado White Water Association

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association

High Country River Rafters

Idaho Rivers United

Leave No Trace

Low Impact Camping

Pikes Peak River Runners

Utah Rivers Council

Utah Stream Access Coalition

Utah Whitewater Club