Conservation Goals & Guidelines

Mission Statement:

The WMC Conservation Chair is dedicated to enhancing the wild and natural qualities of the State of Utah.  The goal is to continuously improve the quality of the outdoor experience for its members through preservation of wild lands and to preserve access to these lands.

This will accomplished by:
  1. Following land and water policies and procedures at the federal, state and local levels. Agencies include BLM, Forest Service, NPS, and Utah state departments. Trip leaders are to be aware of regulations in effect when and where WMC activities are being held and to follow them. Trip participants are expected to comply with them as well. It is the responsibility of the Conservation Chair to provide resources and guidance to activity chairs to ensure that our members are aware of rules and regulations on our lands.
  2. Initiating and supporting proposals, initiatives, and legislation on all levels of government to promote conservation of Utah natural resources. The WMC will support local and state officials who demonstrate an adherence to conservation principles. Proposals affecting Utah's natural heritage, such as Environmental Impact Statements, Forest Plans, Resource Management Plans and the like will be reviewed and alternatives supporting WMC objectives will be selected and an official WMC statement will be issued.
  3. Striving to reduce or eliminate our impacts on water, air, and land. Our goal will be to show no sign of our passage, everything will be packed out. Future WMC members will find their Utah outdoor experience to be as good or better than ours. It will be expected that the WMC will be an example for other users of the outdoors.
  4. Secure and maintain access to Utah's natural resources compatible with our other objectives.
  5. Work with local communities and organizations for the common good. Links will be maintained with other organizations dedicated to enhancing the naturalness of Utah's environment. Links with local communities will be an important aspect accomplishing WMC conservation goals.
  6. Service outings will be encouraged. The WMC will contribute to activities that promote our goals.