Entertainment Policy

The Entertainment directors like to be social. They’d love to help you organize your own social event, travel slide show or post hike/bike/climb picnic. Several parties are planned yearly, but each party needs someone to head up the organization. If no sponsor is identified, then a particular party may not go ahead as planned. Contact the entertainment directors to volunteer and keep the fun flowing.

The club recommends name tags for social events, this helps newcomers and old timers learn names and connect with faces.

Most parties will be self sustaining, with participants contributing to the costs of food, beverages and music (if applicable). Please understand that the club itself does not have the money to fund these parties outright. If you want to party on the club’s tab, then volunteer to lead an activity and then we’ll send you an invitation to the Organizer’s Party in October. (Contact any activity director to volunteer)

For social events held at the lodge, a per person lodge user fee is to be charged in addition to any admission that the entertainment director deems appropriate. The current user fee is $5 per WMC member and $8 per non-member guest. To stay overnight, and additional $3 is assessed. This portion of the admission fee is deposited into the WMC lodge operating and maintenance fund. This fee is therefore waived when a member participates in a work party that same day. (Thanks for your help).

Some parties might take place at a private home, rather than the Lodge or alternative venue. The organizer of such events has the right to refuse entrance to anyone, and may or may not be appropriate for non-members. Please call ahead for details and to introduce yourself. At all times we expect that participants will be their best behavior. Have fun and respect others.

The WMC is not a dating service. It is inappropriate to initiate unwanted romantic advances. Reports of inappropriate behavior or social contact may result in board reprimand.