WMC Boating Suggested Packing List

Bring a flashlight. You will need it to find your baggage and set up your tent in the dark at the put-in.

Breakfast, lunches, and dinners are a shared/group effort (unless specified by the Trip Organizer). Get assignments from the Trip Organizer.
  1. Plate/Bowl/Knife/Fork/Spoon/Cup. Eating utensils are not provided. Please......NO GLASS!!
  2. Sunscreen/Lip Balm/Insect Repellent.
  3. Life Jacket (if you own one - otherwise, you can rent one from the WMC for $3/day).
  4. Sleeping Bag (synthetic is preferable - it dries faster if wet)/Pad/Pillow.
  5. Tent + ground cloth (we suggest sharing a tent if possible to minimize gear).
  6. On multi-day trips with on river camping you will need a large river bag for personal gear (can be rented from REI?? - camping gear needs to go in this bag, so make sure you get one big enough).
  7. Small river bag for day use on the river, with carabiner to clip it on.
  8. Checkbook to settle finances at the take-out (trip organizer is not a banker and will not make loans) and a small amount of cash for food and drinks on the drive to and from the river.
  9. Rain gear.
  10. Polypro top/bottom.
  11. Personal Toiletries.
  12. River Shoes/Teva-type sandals/hiking boots/wool socks.
  13. Extra T.P. (don't take any chances!)
  14. All Beverages you will consume on the river (other than water) - NO GLASS!!
  15. Sun Hat/Sunglasses - a strap is suggested for both.
  16. Shorts/T-Shirts/Wool Hat/Warm Gloves/Camp Clothes/Fleece Jacket/Long Sleve Shirt/Long Pants. Note: River trips can have cold weather - normally the daytime temps on river trips are in the 80's, evenings in the 50's - be sure to watch the forecast prior to the trip.
  17. Plastic Water Bottles (for on the river), with a carabiner or clip to attach to the boat.
  18. Camera/film and a way to keep it dry - zip lock bags are not enough! A disposable waterproof camera is a good option.
  19. For cold water trips, a Farmer John Wetsuit is recommended.
  20. Folding Chair (may not be room on most trips - check at the Work Party)
  21. Spare change of clothes for when you get off the river for the trip home.