Trip Report: Deseret Peak

Deseret Peak
By Bernard Rouse
HIKE 07/25/2007 MOD

In spite of a rather dismal forecast eight adventurous hikers took off into the wilderness of the Stansbury Mountains of Tooele County in search of Deseret Peak. We started our ascent at approximately 8:30AM and after 3 hours and 10 minutes the faster hikers were able to obtain the peak before rain clouds blanketed the mountain at noon. At about 12:45PM lightening strikes and sounds of thunder forced most others to start their decent down the mountian before reaching the peak - much to their dismay. All were able to make it safely back to cars before the heavy rains started at about 4:45PM.

Clinton Dynock(Tooele,UT), Stan Kenahara(Vancouver,Canada), Ruth Nakamura(Tooele,UT), Tyler Vorwaller(Tooele,UT), Masha Bossonov(No. Carolina), Leslie Woods(SLC), Eugene Bossonov(No. Carolina), Bernard Rouse(Tooele,UT).