Trip Report: Paddling Class

Paddling Class
By Marilyn Smith
BOATING 04/12/2008 Class I

Gene Dennis recreated last year's star turn, this time on KUTV's "Roughin' It with Reese Stein."

Gene lead 11 WMC members to the Bountiful Pond to practice paddling canoes (or anything else that might need paddling). It was a beautiful, crisp spring morning as we took turns trying to keep our canoes going in a straight line, as bow and stern person.

Paula Humphrey, Rod Collins and Mounia Collins, Mary Aa, Margie Benson, Linda and Don Frady, Pam Moritz, Margie Gendler, Marilyn Smith and, of course, Gene Dennis canoed among the ducks. At the end of the day, the importance of staying in sight of the group was reinforced. We were all on shore, or so we thought, when a bedraggled, sopping wet pair of boaters, brought their canoe to the ramp. Capsizing, even on a small pond like the one in Bountiful, can be dangerous. Those on land didn't see the event or hear the calls for help.

So here's the safety pitch: Make sure you know how many boats and people are in your party and keep track of them. Make sure you don't take a different channel without letting people know. And make sure you know how to self-rescue because your friends may not be paying attention.