Trip Report: Kings Peak Nordic Ski Tour

Kings Peak Nordic Ski Tour
By Larry Swanson
SKI 03/27/2010 MSD

Kings Peak Tour (KPT) trip report
Prospects for the 37th KPT didn't look good on the Friday before the big event. It was raining, snowing, blowing, and black clouds were ominously looming in all directions in SLC.
It was all a bluff however, as when the morning sun peeked over the Henrys Fork ridge on Saturday morning it was to a clear blue sky with no wind. About two inches of fresh light powder frosted the trees and the track was easy. At times one could ski in shirt sleeves although it stayed cool. The exceptional snow depth in the drainage could have been a real challenge but the "regulars" had spent several weekends putting in a nice wide firm track in the deep snow all the way to Elkhorn crossing. The creek route was in the best shape in recent memory with essentially no open water and a nice track.
The peak always has its challenges but the generally good conditions facilitated a high number of summiteers. The weather stayed nice all day and everyone got out in reasonable time.
Those who changed plans because of the nasty threatening weather missed out.
Larry and Steve Swanson