Trip Report: Loop Hike Up Porter and Down Bowman

Loop Hike Up Porter and Down Bowman
By Karen* Perkins
HIKE 07/23/2011 MOD+

Ten of us [or 12, if you count the 2 folks who met us on the trail] managed the complete long loop, about 10 miles: Knick Knickerbocker, Gail Picha, Carol Spencer, Susan Allen and Robert Myers, Russell Patterson, Mary Settle, Terry Rollins [club old timer, now living in Japan] and Elaine Armack, visiting and trying us out from Prescott, AZ.
Steve Duncan & Helen Grenc [cannot find in the membership & cannot really make out the spelling of last name] did an out & back up Porter Fk.
{Two other people joined us en route. I know one wasn't a club member & I find this a bit weird. One was Elizabeth from Poland, who claimed she was a member. So 14 in all.]

It was the perfect sunny day, bit of a breeze, just right for a long one! Splendid views of the snow-clad ridge between Big & Little Cottonwood. The fast ones waited for the rear. A very congenial and nice group. Karen