Trip Report: Kanab - Grand Canyon Bike Touring

Kanab - Grand Canyon Bike Touring
By Rob Jones
BIKE 06/03/2011 MOD+

Border Bifurcation: Bicycle Touring: Self-contained loopo of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah Kanab

- Jacob Lake (37 miles) Jacob Lake - North Rim of the Grand Canyon (45 miles) Grand Canyon - Jacob Lake (45 miles) Jacob Lake - Marble Canyon/Lees Ferry (46 miles) Lees Ferry - Lake Foul Sewage Pond (Wahweap; 54 miles) Sewage Pond - Kanab (71 miles) total 298 miles

June 3 - 10, 2011

Overview: The Border Bifurcation was organized by Cheryl Soshnik. This is a report about a self-contained bike touring loop bifurcating the Arizona and Utah borders. We members of the Wasatch Mountain Club riding the 7-day loop started our loop in Kanab, camping at Jacob Lake, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (2 nights), back to Jacob Lake, Lees Ferry, and Wahweap. Riders of the 5-day out and back tour returned to Kanab after the second stay at Jacob Lake (total about 164 miles). Co-riders: See the first photo series. Cheryl Soshnik (tour organizer), Tricia Lee, Dave Rumbellow, Carrie Clark, Mark Shipman, Robert Turner, Don and Angie Vincent, Mark McKenzie, Chris Winter, Jim Byrne, Barb Hanson, Tom Walsh, Patricia Carroll, Paul Stratton, Cynthia Crass, and Rob Jones. See Rob's version of the trip report at:

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