Trip Report: Hike Wolverine Cirque-Slow to Moderate Pace

Hike Wolverine Cirque-Slow to Moderate Pace
By Da Yang Wipfel
HIKE 08/31/2013 MOD

This is one of most beautiful trail with breath taking mountain view in Wasatch, High above millions years geology formation with masculine cliff lines, can see hundreds miles away with waves of mountain ridge lines joined with stunning cloudy sky!

Phyllis led the slow path challenging (to me at least) hike just what I need. Boulder hoping/climbing/scrambling, route finding, hope there was a trail or route thou; straight up over 10,000 ft, this is the place no mistake allowed, it will be very painful! they are hard sharp rocks, or hundreds feet down, looks like thousand feet to me... with Phyllis by my side, she keep telling me: "Don't look!" I try as much as I can to not look around or look Down! I try to keep my eyes focused; my mind empty, my legs as strong as possible, my legs did get really soft by looking down... keep following Phyllis up!

When the dark clouds moved in, started lightning and thunder, Casi gave us detail training and drills for the emergency situation, also all the real stories/tragic related to lightning! Akiko keeps her camera rolling recorded our wonder hike, Photographer Vernon stand on over air rock took our group photo, Thanks Tim helped me hand by hand over the edge of cliff, at last, Thanks Phyllis for led this wonderful hike!