Trip Report: Rock Climb Beginners Refresher Session

Rock Climb Beginners Refresher Session
By Da Yang Wipfel
CLIMBING 05/04/2013 NTD

My very first Rock climbing lesson ever, It taught by Fred Shubert, along with very experienced climbers Chris and Paul. it was

It was Saturday morning at delightful sunny Storm Mountain, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountain in Utah, this fun class has answered all my questions; erased all my doubts; and gave me the solid basic ground to start this precise exciting outdoor activity, yes, precise, it means the consequence of any mistake are unthinkable.

Fred Shubert vivid explained all the detail about different equipment, gears and safety issues, of course, a lot of good, sad and tragic stories too, life demonstration by Chris and Paul (see photos), they step by step, hand by hand; knot by knot; loop by loop showed us how to to pursue the rock climbing. unknown became a little known, impossible became a little possible!

Thanks Chris and Paul for your incredible skills and patient.
Also Thank you all for volunteer your time to bring us into this wonderful activity.