Trip Report: Lookout Peak Loop Hike

Lookout Peak Loop Hike
By L Beth Blattenberger
HIKE 06/06/2015 MOD

In spite of a discouraging weather forecast, the day started sunny and 8 people turned out for the hike. We carpooled in 3 cars, leaving one at the Killyon's Canyon trailhead (WMC contributed to the protection of this TH and the surrounding land). We drove 2 cars to the Pinecrest TH, since half of the group preferred a shorter hike and did not want to do the whole loop - and the rest of us were not sure the weather would hold. The trail from Pinecrest follows an abandoned RR right-of-way and an abandoned road for part of the route. There are nice open views as well as some forest and meadows. The weather turned out to be fine all day except for sprinkles, and so half of the group continued on hikers' or wildlife trails after the official trail gave out, following the ridge to Lookout Peak. We continued right over the top of Lookout Peak, following a good trail on or near the scenic ridge, identifying many wildflowers, until we reached the Killyon's TH. Roughly 6 hours of hiking, with two sit-down breaks. No snow on the trail. Nice views in all directions.