Trip Report: Leigh Lake August 2016

Leigh Lake August 2016
By Kathy Jones
BOATING 08/05/2016 Class I

Trip Leader - Kathy Jones. Group members - Bruce Moore, Asha Patel, Wayne Stump, DaYang Wipfel & daughter Mia.

Back for more fun on Leigh Lake with Bruce & his Merry Mischief Makers. We arrived at campsite 14B in the late afternoon. It was a heavily wooded site on the western side of the lake. Around dinner time we received a heads-up from some paddlers on the lake that Mr. (or Ms.) Bear was headed our way. We made lots of noise, and after what we determined to be a safe amount of time, we proceeded with dinner. The bear never made an appearance in camp.....or at least not that we knew about. The next morning we packed up to paddle over to the eastern shore for the next two nights. A short distance from camp, the bear popped out of the bushes to say hi. Unlike the last trip, I had my camera close at hand on my kayak. I asked the bear to stand still and pose so I could get a nice face shot, but he didn't listen. Silly bear. He just proceeded into the water for a short swim, before climbing back onto shore for some berry bush exploration. I did manage to get a couple side photos.

Camp 12B was our home for the next two nights. We enjoyed the white sand beach, and hung a couple hammocks for napping & reading. Bruce entertained us with his stunt kite skills. On Sunday, I went for a paddle around the lake and the rest of the group went for a hike over to Paintbrush Canyon. It was a blustery day, with wind and a few sprinkles, but everyone had a good time. We got a roaring fire going that evening after the wind subsided. We were greeted by a glass smooth lake covered in low mist the next morning. It was absolutely beautiful!

Another great trip to Grand Teton Nat. Park and finally some pictures of the bear!