Trip Report: Day Hike to B25 bomber wreck on Mt. Timpanogos

Day Hike to B25 bomber wreck on Mt. Timpanogos
By Russell Patterson
HIKE 08/26/2017 MOD+

Organized by Russell Patterson/Photos by Lin Cheong
On a snowy night in 1955, a WWII era B25 bomber disappeared. Three days later the wreckage was found by three members of the Wasatch Club on Mt. Timpanogos.
We hiked the Timpooneke trail to get to this plane wreck. Just as we reached the basin, there is a sign that says "toilet". We took the trail heading past the toilet and hiked up a small stream. Above us and to the north was a white spot at the top of the green vegetated area just below cliffs and a scree slope. This white spot is part of the bomber wreck (N40 deg. 24'25",W111 deg.24'25") The last few hundred feet of the hike were very steep, but we made it to the wreckage. The plane is all broken up but the two engines and landing gear are intact.

Participants: Russell Patterson, Lin Cheong, Jeff Stoppenhagen, Ryan Fletcher, Lauren Sullivan, Holly and Tom Holst, Stanley Chiang