Trip Report: Mt Timpagnogos via Timpooneke Day Hike

Mt Timpagnogos via Timpooneke Day Hike
By Evette Raen
HIKE 08/27/2017 MSD

One chilly Sunday morning, nine of us ventured up the Timpooneke trail toward Timpagnogos. Early on our trek, stealth Stephen spotted three moose eating in the trees. Along the way, David continually greeted passing hikers wishing them well. Up through the meadows, Brad Yates came running by, saying,"hi" and dashed up the mountain. Sue's favorite wild flowers filled the upper meadows and they reminded eVette of impressionist paintings with dots of vibrant color covering the mountainside. The crew celebrated Alex Arakelian's birthday on the summit with song and homemade snicker doodle and chocolate chip cookies. On the descent, Alex and Tom crossed paths with the hikers on the WMC Aspen Grove hike organized by Donn Seeley. At one of our regathering points down the mountain, through binoculars we watched over 20 goats in the distance on mountain cliffs. During the last break, Paul joked sharing his "perfect circular homemade" (store bought) oatmeal cookies with the group. As we ventured on, Kathy and Beth spotted some lively pika scrambling in and out of the rocks. We finished the hike at almost precisely nine hours.