Trip Report: Kayak/Canoe - Jackson Lake/Grand Teton Nat. Park

Kayak/Canoe - Jackson Lake/Grand Teton Nat. Park
By Kathy Jones
BOATING 08/28/2017 NTD+

Trip leader - Kathy Jones. Trip members - Larry Hall, Cindy Crass, Dick Smith. Two touring kayaks, and one tandem canoe. We launched from Colter Bay marina, and spent the first and last nights at Little Mackinaw Bay camp, and the middle two nights at Hermitage Point camp. Paddling was short distances, but we did encounter some wind and waves in the afternoons. We explored Half Moon Bay, Elk Island, Willow Flats, Signal Mountain area, and Donoho Island. We were treated to many animal encounters, including a visitation to our groover area by a large, but well behaved black bear. Imagine Larry's surprise when he heard a noise and looked around to see the bear, about 20 feet away. Larry yelled out "Bear" in a loud voice, and the bear ambled away down the shore and into the forest. We were also treated to a show by a family of otters as they fed on a fish just around the corner from our camp at Little Mackinaw Bay. The two larger otters munched on the fish on shore, while the three smaller otters frolicked in the water, waiting their turn to feed. We saw a variety of birds, including eagles, osprey, pelican, sandhill cranes, and the ever present geese. Since we were there during the week, and before the holiday, we didn't encounter a lot of powerboat traffic. We were happy to be leaving for home, just as the holiday crowds were arriving. Our camps were each a little different, but very nice, with bear boxes for our food, trash, cooking stuff, and anything that had a smell. The weather was good, with no rain, moderate temps, and a nice mix of sun & clouds. We had a great time, and I will definitely plan another paddle trip on Jackson Lake in the future.

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