Trip Report: Deaf Smith Canyon

Deaf Smith Canyon
By Jennifer Christenson
HIKE 12/09/2017 NTD+

Eight WMC members met on a frigid December Saturday morning for this "NTD+" hike led by Bruce Christenson. Deaf Smith Canyon is a nice local canyon with a cool "narrows" section a few miles up from the trailhead. The trail follows a small stream up the canyon which was covered with beautiful ice features on the wintery morning that we visited. The hike was not too difficult, but it did involve lost trails and route finding, treacherous icy sections, steep loose rock, and questionable trailhead access. Daisy summed it up well: "If Bruce puts a plus next to NTD, you never know what will happen." (That's my Dad!) Hikers were Bruce Christenson, Jenny Christenson, Tom and Holly Holst, Marie Corbin, Luther Knicely, Daisy DeMarco, and Zhiheng Liu.