Trip Report: Cecret Lake? Well, not quite.

Cecret Lake? Well, not quite.
By Bruce Christenson
HIKE 07/08/2017 NTD

Even though the week's valley temps surpassed triple digits, too much snow remained on the Devil's Castle high trail to make the proposed outing. Instead, fearless leader Bruce Christenson parlayed the plan into a lovely hike to Twin Lakes.

Joined by Norm, Eveline, Bob, Jill, Eva, and WMC first-timers Christy and Kyle, Liz Cordova ushered the group to higher ground and cooler breezes beginning at Alta's Grizzly Gulch trail. Wildflowers swarmed the slopes interrupted only by the most stubborn of snowbanks, which gave us an excuse for some brisk invigoration!

We made our way to the Prince of Wales mine, stopping for photos and a brief history of the rusting pipeline that marched up the mountain. The group followed its trail to the outstanding overlook of Twin Lakes pass. It was the perfect spot for lunch (most of us settled for protein bars and fruit while ogling over Liz's delectable-looking PB and peach preserves wrap...).

Descending along the creek bank and enjoying the water and shade along the way, we safely returned to the base of Alta, perfectly timing a miss of gathering storm clouds above.

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