Trip Report: Bonneville Shoreline Trail Work Day

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Work Day
By Alex Arakelian
HIKE 05/06/2017 NTD

Soon after I joined up, I found out that the Wasatch Mountain Club organizes and participates in trail maintenance, and I wanted to get involved. Since then I've become a trail maintenance co-coordinator and I've worked at several of these projects. For me nothing else is more rewarding. The Wasatch Mountain Club has increased our presence at trail work volunteer events over the past few years. One of the main reasons for this is Dave Andrenyk's tireless efforts coordinating groups, emailing participants and organizing these events. He is a valuable resource to the club. Additionally, Brett Smith's collaboration with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee is instrumental to our participation in these service events. This event was organized by him and John Knoblock (affiliated with WMC, BST and Trails Utah). The focus of many trail work days has been extending the Bonneville Shoreline Trail south from the Mount Olympus Trail to the Hughes Canyon Trail. Work on this trail section began a year ago and the progress has been unbelievable thanks to the many volunteer crews. This success is due to the coordination between the National Forest Service, Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee, Trails Utah and Wasatch Mountain Club. Work this Saturday consisted of widening the scratch trail that was established last summer and fall. Additionally, another important task was improvement of the cut bank (uphill side of the trail). The digging is hard work and the heat can get to you fast, but if you pace yourself and keep at it you can make a surprising amount of progress in decent time. Thanks to the 22 volunteers that helped us on Saturday we made amazing progress! Special thanks to our WMC member volunteers that participated including Dave Adrenayk, Brett Smith, Nancy Martin, Evette Raen, Bruce Christenson, and John Knoblock.
There are many more opportunities for you to come out and volunteer on trail work days. Come join us for some fun and rewarding work. The next Bonneville Shoreline Trail Work event is May 20th. The annual National Trails Day is June 3rd. Both trail work days will continue the project on the Olympus to Hughes section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. To join us for one or both of these volunteer events please contact Dave, Brett or me.