Trip Report: Snowshoe, Organizers Choice

Snowshoe, Organizers Choice
By Stephen Dennis
SNOWSHOE 03/24/2018 MOD

Parking at Solitude, Steve Duncan, Stephen, Keith, Luther, Simon, Nancy, Julie, and Jim, snowshoed up toward Willow Height with the intention of doing the ridge around the bowl and then coming back down again. The snow was hard packed and no powder. Rather than face 35 mph winds at the ridge, we dropped down below the ridge and did a tighter sweep of the bowl. The drop was steep, and without the powered, there was little opportunity for plunging. Instead, we did a mix of switchbacks and climb down. From below, we could hear the trees at the ridge fighting with the wind. At one point, Stephen punched through about 2.5 ft with one leg and then fell towards the slope down twisting it 90 degrees. The leg did not appreciate that, but with Simon's help, managed to free the leg and survived with a sore thigh. Further down, we stopped for lunch, and then returned to the main trail. The views were beautiful.