Trip Report: Dry Hollow to Peak 8498 Hike

Dry Hollow to Peak 8498 Hike
By Steve Glaser
HIKE 10/20/2018 MOD+

Dry Hollow is a small drainage between Heughs and Big Cottonwood Canyons. Peak 8498 is at the head of the drainage.
The trail starts as a path through a mixture of grassland and oak brush. After cresting a ridge, the route is almost entirely through oak brush. While there is a trail, it is little used and scrub oak encroaches along the path to various degrees.
The hike was advertised as having a section of intense bushwhacking. Participants were disappointed when a route was found through the advertised section that could only be rated medium, with only minor scratches and no blood reported.
After this section, the route was much more open. The final approach to the summit was snow covered. It was fairly steep, adding a challenge to both the ascent and descent. At the peak, we were treated to sweeping views into Big Cottonwood, including Broads Fork Twins through Dromedary, and Mt. Raymond. On this clear warm day, these snow-capped mountains were spectacular.
Akiko had the thought of adding another peak to north. She had found a map calling it Dry Hollow Peak. She was for it, the rest of us were wishy-washy, and so we went. It is slightly higher than 8498, and required navigating through more oak brush. Steve had meandering thoughts of continuing along the ridge just for the fun of it on a future trip.