Trip Report: Day Hike Wildcat Ridge Early Start

Day Hike Wildcat Ridge Early Start
By Ray Daurelle
HIKE 06/08/2019 EXT

We had planned to hike Wildcat Ridge on June 8. But the snow conditions seemed to require crampons in the early morning and snowshoes by noon. So one-by-one, the folks interested called in to cancel due to snow.

So by June 8 it was down to Luther and I. We decided to go up to Mt. Raymond and check out the conditions. From the reports of needing snowshoes midway up Lone Peak the week before, we carried snow shoes.

In the morning before the sun hit, the snow was too hard to kick steps into. Half an hour after the sun hit, the snow was getting pretty soft. But by that time, we had already summited Gobbler's Knob rather than heading toward Wildcat Ridge. Gobbler's had big cornices, but few snow fields to cross.

So we made Gobbler's Knob and were down by noonish with time to spare before the club's annual party at Storm Mountain.

Participants: Ray Daurelle (leader), Luther Knicely

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