Trip Report: Stansbury Island Ridgeline Hike

Stansbury Island Ridgeline Hike
By Andrea Thatcher
HIKE 03/02/2019 MOD

Castle Rock, Stansbury Island

Reaching 6649 ft in elevation, Castle Rock is the highest point on the Stansbury Island, located west of Salt Lake City. Often bypassed for the more trodden Antelope Island, Stansbury offers a more remote cross country hike with no bushwhacking but an open terrain. Our group started at the big “Trespassing” sign and headed up the mountain along the fence line that separated us from the privately owned area. When we reached the first gulley, we post holed up the mountain until we reached the ridgeline. This is a fabulous ridgeline with bouldering, ascending, descending and everything in between. Due to the wintery conditions, many easily maneuvered areas required more finesse and involved some group decisions. Overall, our team completely defeated this peak seconds before the heavy fog settled.

9.4 miles, 3000+ft gain.

Group: Akiko, Andee, Julie, Bart, Russell, Aleck, Sue, and Bruce.