Trip Report: Canyoneering Cherry Canyon in the Virgin River George

Canyoneering Cherry Canyon in the Virgin River George
By Jodi Olson
CANYONEER 11/01/2019 MOD+

Cherry canyon is quite the pick for beginner to expert canyoneers. It’s located in the Virgin Gorge south of Saint George and north of Mesquite. We met up in the morning and discussed the plan and divided into three groups. Kevin, Bret and Brent were the leaders for the three groups. We hopped into some cars and drove north from Mesquite. Kevin was gracious enough to bring poles to cross the river, thanks Kevin but I think your poles are taller than some of us. We crossed the river and dried our toes and began the trek up Cherry Canyon. We took our time and enjoyed the views from the top to look how far up we had come before we began the ascent down the canyon. The climb was about 1500 feet and the fifteen repels was quite the reward.
We broke off into three groups with Brent in the front with his group, Bret in the middle and Kevin herding up the back. It was amazing the teamwork that kept us moving through the canyon. The canyon was nonstop rapels so we stopped half way and became lizards sitting on the warm rocks enjoying the sun, lunch and laughter. The beauty of the canyon was around us as we finished the fifteenth rappel As a group we enjoyed the satisfaction of conquering the canyon as a team of 14 in about half a day. Yes, 14 people in the group and we made it out in about half a day.
We returned to Mesquite with smiles on our faces and several people met up for a prime rib dinner and then we had drinks in the bowling alley as we shared stories of other canyons, got to know each other better and relax.
It was a wonderful day filled with teamwork, laughter, smiles, learning new things and most importantly, making new friends. We slept soundly in our rooms that night in Mesquite and divided off the next day to conquer more canyons on the way home to finish our adventure.