Trip Report: Organizer's Choice Hike in Emigration Canyon

Organizer's Choice Hike in Emigration Canyon
By Jerry Hatch
HIKE 09/07/2019 NTD+

Well, Emigration Canyon is indeed changing, but still is one great hike left in the old place. Robyn Heilbrun, Russell Paterson, and Michael Tregakis joined me for a short drive up to The Burr Fork parking area, where we got the last, (very tight), parking space. The walk along the old railroad line was already pretty warm, but when we stated up into the canyon, ( what we used to call Brigham's Fork ). we were in shade and it was lovely. After passing through what I think of as 'moose meadows', (having once seen one there ), the trail became steep as it made its way through a ravine absolutely filled with tall ferns, and late season wildflowers. Then we got to the ridge and were awed by the vast sweep of the ' forbidden canyon'. Red Butte. I told the group how once, last century, it had been briefly opened to the public, and that the late Dale Green had led the only W.M.C. hike to ever go down it. We,d come in from Burrs Fork, and it had been a tremendous adventure. "An amazing number of rattlesnakes", I'd explained. "The brush must have been terrible!", Robyn guessed. Truth be told, I can't remember that. It would be nice if it were to be opened again, but I, don't think that will happen. Still, it was fun just to see it from above. once again, - and remember when the world was much different than it is now; a lot less folks in the valley, and the club's hiking was centered off the north end of the valley. I don't know how much longer it will be possible to hike in Emigration; one of the best hikes was just closed to the public, and The Killyon Canyon's trail head is now about a third of a mile from it's very small parking lot. Still, we all had a great time last Saturday!