Trip Report: Relaxed pace Day Hike Bells Canyon

Relaxed pace Day Hike Bells Canyon
By Tonya Karren
HIKE 02/15/2020 NTD

Many club friends showed up yesterday for our Bells Canyon Hike and a few new people too. We all enjoyed hiking together on such a pleasant day. The snow on the trail was in excellent hiking condition and hardly any ice patches to worry about. Although it was warmer than usual, the snow was still in freshly packed condition and hadn’t softened up and turned slushy at all. Spikes were all we needed. We wound our way up the trail to the lower lake and then continued on up the trail beyond to the log bridge, took a moment to enjoy the beauty of partially frozen river, crossed over it and headed back down the trail on the other side of the river. We wove along the trail through the snow frosted trees, scrambled down a hillside and crossed a small stream on a three branch bridge and circled around the lake and back down the trail. It’s a frozen winter wonderland up there and we got to play in it! I highly recommend hiking this trail, if you get a chance.