Trip Report: Kayak Canoe & SUP evening river trips

Kayak Canoe & SUP evening river trips
By Tanner Morrill
BOATING 06/24/2020 NTD+

Weeknight paddling is very popular this year. So many great people have paddles down the Jordan and Provo and Weber rivers this June on club trips. We've seen 60 year old kayaks and the latest stand up paddle boards. Paddlers have ranged in abilities, experience and ages but we all have a great time. We've been rained on a little, blown by the wind a little, and enjoyed a lot of beautiful river miles and had some great conversations and and laughs. It's not often you regret getting on a river or lake.
Even if you don't have a boat, come join us in August for some weekday floats!

(I'll send you some pics later)