Trip Report: John Veranth Escalante Boulder 3 Days Camping

John Veranth Escalante Boulder 3 Days Camping
By Da Yang Wipfel
HIKE 04/10/2021 NTD

This is John's Tradition camping trip for our Club, It's my 1st time explore the Boulder area with Local. We camped at John's backyard for the 1st night, Hike around on beautiful slick rocks and over look the infinite view of Southern Utah Beauty.

John & Martha Generously shared his Famous Red Barn with us. He has hosted this yearly camping trip for WMC for many years.

The rest of the nights We camped at beautiful Escalante Petrified Forest State Park by Wide Hollow Reservoir, Circle around Campfire in the evening , Listening to all sorts of crazy stories and woke up by the peaceful blue lake, it’s Southern Utah’s Paradise.

Very Relaxed each day, have few hike choices, John led us to famous Upper Calf Fall on different trail (not public trail), had lunch at Native Indian's Cave, Cool off at Upper Calf Creek fall Pool; 2nd Day, Bret Matthew Led us to The Pee-A-Poo & Spooky Canyon, Beautiful slot Canyon is very fun and Photogenic. The Last day We followed John walked Pioneer Trail, experiencing time from the past how people lived with minimal supplies.

Wonderful trail, Can't wait for next year.