Trip Report: Ibantik Lake- Uintas

Ibantik Lake- Uintas
By Chris Venizelos
HIKE 08/22/2021 MOD

Since there were only 3 of us, we decided to hike to Ibantik Lake rather than do the original key exchange hike. It was a beautiful sunny day on Sunday. We arrived early enough at the Crystal Lake Trailhead and were able to find parking. Several backpackers informed us that the previous evening (Saturday) had lighting, thunder, wind, hail and about an inch of rain. Water was running down many portions of the trail. We encountered many backpackers heading back including a family of 8, a few heading in. We also passed many hikers and dogs, including a Great Dane. We passed by Wall Lake, went over the Notch and then down to Ibantik Lake, where we ate lunch and relaxed. We enjoyed the spectacular views and scenery. There were 2 rock climbers on Notch Mountain. On the way back, we ate at Dicks Drive-In in Kamas. Overall, we hiked about 8 miles and did about 1,000 ft vertical.
Participants- Chris Venizelos and Tom Mitko (co-leaders), Michi Bracken
Photos by Tom and Michi