Trip Report: 48th Annual Kings Peak Ski Tour

48th Annual Kings Peak Ski Tour
By Larry* Swanson
SKI 03/20/2021 EXT

Kings Peak Ski Tour, March 20, 2021

The 48th running of the Kings Peak Tour is complete. The weather forecast looked fierce, but still 18 enthusiastic skiers showed up and took advantage of the record amount of great snow in Henrys Fork this year. The wind howled all Friday night, but it was partially sunny on Saturday morning. A couple of hardy folks had skied in on Friday and set up a camp a long way in, providing a fresh track in all the deep new snow that covered the tracks that six of us had set on the 10th. The creek is somewhat sheltered, but after Elkhorn, the wind had the upper hand. Estimates ran up to 40 MPH. Many turned around at Elkhorn or somewhere up in the basin at various destinations as far as Dollar Lake. One couple pressed on to the foot of Gunsight Pass, making for a long day. It was blustery up there! The summit went untouched this year.
It started to snow on schedule in the afternoon, providing a real winter experience for all.

Steve and I especially want to thank everyone who shoveled out parking places along the road, so the logging trucks could pass. That was a great effort and helped to ensure our trip for next year.

As usual, a mix of long-term regulars, even one from Colorado, and first-timers made up the group: Janene Holmberg, Paul Barringer, John Campbell, Charles Young, Jim Petrie, Gary Bruschke, Martin Holdrege, Kendall Baker, Barry DeHaan, Bruce Coulter, Mike Berry, Rob Rogalski, Sam Zachary, Mike Gleue, Curtis Fowers, Steve Swanson, Sharyl Smith, Larry Swanson, and the dogs, Aussie and Lumi.

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